Old Standbys Edition: Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. White And Landlady


Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. White: Gentlewoman, Ruby Man

Barely a month in and 2017 has already served up some great new RecommNeds-ready music. This week I’ve got two albums from old favorites of mine that have been featured in this space multiple times. First up is the ever-groovy Matthew E. White who has teamed up with Flo Morrissey for an excellent album of covers, some more recognizable than others. I always love a good covers album, but this one stands out because it doesn’t really feel like it’s about the songs they choose (which are all pretty much perfect picks), nor does it necessarily feel like it’s just a showcase for White and Morrissey (who are both fabulous in classic duet form). Rather, as with so many Spacebomb releases, it’s the backing band that really kicks this into funky gear. Worth checking out for the ultraboogie cover of “Grease” alone, but it’s all good.


Landlady: The World Is A Loud Place

A little bit different is Landlady, one of several projects of Adam Schatz, who continues to put out engaging, interesting music unlike pretty much anything else out there. The newest Landlady album, The World Is A Loud Place is barely a week old and already occupying a good part of my musicmind with its catchy hooks, impulsive rhythms and surreal-poetry lyrics. Each song seems to sit on a precarious, uber-creative border of brainy art rock, boogie jazz and goofy indie rock. You can practically hear Schatz’s eyebrows raise or his knowing wink coming through each irresistible track. The world is a loud place and Landlady is the perfect antidote. Enjoy!