OHM + UM = OHMphrey

OHM + Umphrey’s McGee = OHMphrey

Chris Poland and Robertino Pagliari of OHM have joined their musical ingenuity with the jam band masters Jake Cinninger, Joel Cummins, and Kris Myer of Umphrey’s McGee to for OHMphrey. They will release their self-titled debut OHMPHREY on Magna Carta Records May 19, 2009, tour dates below.

Check out their MySpace page for a sample version of the whole album: http://www.myspace.com/ohmphrey

OHMphrey Live Dates:
05/14/09 Thu The Roxy Theatre West Hollywood, CA (w/ North Indiana All Stars & Big Light)
05/15/09 Fri SOhO Restaurant and Music Club Santa Barbara, CA (w/ North Indiana All Stars & Big Light)
05/16/09 Sat Winston’s San Diego, CA (w/ North Indiana All Stars)