North Mississippi Allstars Announce Seventh Studio Album

The North Mississippi Allstars are aiming to get back to their blues roots on World Boogie Is Coming, due on September 3. Luther and Cody Dickinson produced the album themselves at Zebra Ranch Studios in Hernando, MS, besides one day with former Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant at Memphis’ Royal Studios.

For their seventh studio album, The Dickinson Brothers are joined by long-time friends Duwayne and Garry Burnside, Kenny Brown, Alvin Youngblood, Sharde Thomas (Otha Turner’s granddaughter), Chris Chew, Steve Selvidge, Lightnin Malcolm, Plant and others. Luther explains the genesis of the album in a statement announcing the release, “It all started when Seasick Steve told me: ‘You are the one, you are the link, you have to keep it primitive and take it to the people.'” He continues, “I feel like I owe it the elders who taught me the traditional music in which I operate to let the music evolve and allow outside modern influences into the tradition to keep it alive and healthy. I realized that I had not been holding up my end of the deal. Since I am virtually devoid of modern influences, I turned to my brother Cody, who is my opposite in taste and style and loves modern music and production. Allowing Cody to produce the tracking sessions allowed me to sing and play wild and with abandon. Our contrasting styles are the heart of NMA.”

The name of the album has special meaning to The Dickinsons as according to Cody, “‘World boogie is coming’ was my father’s favorite valediction. Naming this record after his closing phrase seemed like a great way to honor him and his memory. World boogie is coming is also a rallying cry. And the cry is this: It’s time to boogie!”

For a taste of what we can expect from the new release, check out this trailer: