‘Wonderful’: Stream My Morning Jacket’s ‘Circuital (Deluxe Edition)’ Featuring Previously Unreleased Demos

The reissue of the band’s 2011 LP includes 10 previously unreleased demos.

By Scott Bernstein Dec 9, 2022 6:56 am PST

Out today from My Morning Jacket is Circuital (Deluxe Edition). The reissue released via ATO Records features 10 never-before-heard demo recordings along with the original Grammy-nominated album.

Originally released on May 31, 2011 Circuital marked My Morning Jacket’s sixth studio album. Frontman Jim James co-produced the LP with Tucker Martine. James and bandmates Bo Koster, Patrick Hallahan, Carl Broemel and Tom Blankenship assembled at a church gymnasium in their hometown of Louisville to record the 10-track follow-up to 2008’s Evil Urges.

“Every record is like a time machine and we all keep changing and changing,” said Jim James of Circuital when the reissue was announced. “I’ve come to see myself as a kind of older sibling to the younger version of me, so it’s almost like I become two beings when I sing a song from the olden times: one is the person who wrote the song so long ago, the other is the current me who’s there as support for my younger self, alive forever in the multiverse. And then those two voices combine to form something new and different every time.”

Circuital includes a number of songs that remain live staples including “Victory Dance,” “Holdin On To Black Metal,” the title track and “Wonderful (The Way I Feel).” A gorgeous “electronic demo” of the latter recorded by Jim James starts the series of 10 demos on Circuital (Deluxe Edition). The “Outta My System (Puppet Demo)” finds James singing in a style that seems like Tom Waits meets Kermit The Frog and incorporates wily backing vocals and cool finger snaps. Other highlights include James’ intimate “Holdin On To Black Metal” demo, a garage-rock “First Light” band demo and stripped-down “Victory Dance.”

The LP was nominated for a Grammy Award in the best alternative music album category. Listen to Circuital (Deluxe Edition) below:

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