Mungion Announces Debut Live Album & Shares Single


Chicago-based jam quartet Mungion embarked on their debut headlining tour earlier this year. The band has compiled highlights from the run for their first official live release, Live Fun Vol. 1, which is due out this Friday, May 18.

“This is a little sampler from our first ever headlining tour. It’s got a good mix of newer songs that have only been played live and a few oldies,” said vocalist and guitarist Justin Reckamp in a statement. Bassist Sean Carolan added, “Live Fun will give our fans the chance to get familiar with these songs in a live setting. We had an absolute blast on tour and it really comes through on these few snippets.”

All told, Live Fun Vol. 1 features nine tracks recorded at shows in Palatine, Illinois; Detroit; Washington D.C. and Birmingham. Included within are “Beneath The Shallows,” “Schvingo” and “Myrtle” off 2016’s Scary Blankets plus newer songs. Mungion selected a version of “Basketball” from Palatine as the album’s first single.

Stream the single “Basketball” which premiered over over at Live Music Daily:

Live Fun Vol. 1 Tracklist

  1. Born From a Compass (3/16/18 Palatine, IL)
  2. Myrtle (2/28/18 Detroit, MI)
  3. Basketball (3/16/18 Palatine, IL)
  4. Herbert (2/20/18 Washington DC)
  5. Quemaste Tu Cabello Pt. 1 (3/16/18 Palatine, IL)
  6. Scrambled Legs (3/16/18 Palatine, IL)
  7. Quemaste Tu Cabella Pt. 2 (3/16/18 Palatine, IL)
  8. Beneath the Shallows (3/16/18 Palatine, IL)
  9. Schvingo (2/15/18 Birmingham, AL)