Moon Zappa Shares Heartfelt Post About Family Drama


In a situation we can only assume would break legendary guitarist Frank Zappa’s heart, his four children are split into two factions with one pair running his estate and the other two on the outside looking in. Moon Zappa and Dweezil Zappa, Frank’s eldest children, are at odds with their younger siblings Diva Zappa and Ahmet Zappa who are handling the business of the Zappa Family Trust. While Dweezil has weighed in numerous times in recent months about the legal issues he’s faced over use of “Zappa Plays Zappa” and “Frank Zappa” within his band name, Moon had been quieter about the situation. She recently shared her most extensive comments on the family drama and they are heartbreaking to say the least.

Moon Zappa finished a press tour in support of the just-released FZ documentary Eat That Question and while she begins a recent Facebook post with talk of the movie she eventually gets into the family drama. She claims her mother Gail Zappa, who handled the ZFT up until her death last year, “managed to make $20 million disappear with the team she had in place” yet continued to work with “the same team that sank the ship.” The ZFT “maintains there is no money, hence drastic kickstarters and auctions and Ebay house sale and no guitars for Dweezil and such” according to Moon and talks about “nefarious secret business practices” that have kept her from receiving money from the ZFT.

The eldest Zappa child had some interesting ideas of how they could honor their father while raising funds for the ZFT which she claims have been shot down:

I wanted to turn our childhood home into a bed and breakfast/museum/retreat center where fans could pilgrimage and artists could record on sacred soil. I wanted to cook meals for you in the real Dangerous Kitchen and teach you yoga in my childhood living room. I wanted Dweezil to give you a master class on music in the home studio playing the guitars he inherited. I wanted Ahmet to give you a tour of his old bedroom and let you slide down his firepole and I hoped you’d watch Bruce Willis movies with Diva in her old bedroom with the glitter floors while she kept steady hands diligently continuing to knit her mile long scarf. I’m sorry the fans will only have “Zappa approved” dry goods and experiences from two of us instead of four. I wanted to write and direct a bio pic and do a 3-D doc on my dad and record an album of songs of my dad’s I curated that girls and prudes like me might like with Pharrell Williams producing. I wanted to write and assemble the first four person family memoir about our awesome dad. Just some of my still born ideas…Oh well…

Moon discusses her “Grey Gardens” mother’s “monetary power grab” and hopes and prays her siblings, which she refers to as “ex sibs,” will “wake up and decide to make (Frank) proud instead of ashamed.” Here’s hoping all four Zappa children are able to work out their issues. Read the entire post for the full context: