MJ Lenderman Confirms 1st ANTI- Album ‘Manning Fireworks’ & Shares ‘She’s Leaving You’ Single

Watch the music video for the lead single, a “half-sneering portrait of a middle-aged man cheating his way through a midlife crisis.”

By Nate Todd Jun 24, 2024 3:00 pm PDT

Singer-songwriter MJ Lenderman announced a new album, Manning Fireworks, out on September 6 as the artist’s first album on ANTI- Records. The Asheville, North Carolina-based musician previewed the record with the single, “She’s Leaving You.”

Manning Fireworks follows Lenderman’s 2023 live album, And the Wind (Live and Loose!), and his 2022 breakthrough LP, Boat Songs. Lenderman played nearly every instrument on Manning Fireworks and co-produced the album with frequent collaborator Alex Farrar.


Press materials described the new record as “a remarkable development in his story as an incredibly incisive singer-songwriter, whose propensity for humor always points to some uneasy, disorienting darkness.”

The press release also detailed the lead single:

“She’s Leaving You,” is a half-sneering portrait of a middle-aged man cheating his way through a midlife crisis, at least until he gets caught and blasts Clapton in a rented Ferrari en route to Vegas. It also happens to be the perfect shout-along anthem for any kid who’s ever felt shortchanged by their parents.

“She’s Leaving You” arrived with an accompanying music video directed by Whitmer Thomas and Clay Tatum. Watch below:

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Manning Fireworks Tracklist:

  1. Manning Fireworks
  2. Joker Lips
  3. Rudolph
  4. Wristwatch
  5. She’s Leaving You
  6. Rip Torn
  7. You Don’t Know The Shape I’m In
  8. On My Knees
  9. Bark At The Moon
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