Watch Mipso & Jake Xerxes Fussell Go ‘Donkey Riding’ On ‘eTown’

The acts collaborated on the traditional sea shanty to close the broadcast.

By Nate Todd May 9, 2024 10:55 am PDT

Americana act Mipso and singer-songwriter Jake Xerxes Fussell were the guests on a recent episode of nationally syndicated radio program eTown. Mipso and Fussell teamed with hosts Nick and Helen Forster for the traditional sea shanty “Donkey Riding” to close the broadcast.

Mipso’s latest studio album, Book of Fools, arrived in 2023. The band also recently released a single titled “Green Jesus.” Jake Xerxes Fussell has a new album on the way, When I’m Called, due out on July 12 via Fat Possum Records and preceded by the single, “Going to Georgia.”


Mipso hailing from North Carolina and Fussell from Georgia, there has been collaboration and admiration between the acts, as Mipso’s Jacob Sharp related on eTown.

When we saw the bill, I guess it was on the contract, we saw [Jake’s] name on it too and… the band text thread was lighting up because he’s someone that we admire a lot and also someone that we just have a lot of fun hanging out with and he and Libby have made music together. More and more, I think every time that you get to make music with people and for people it’s this kind of like sacred privilege and the times that you’re not expecting with dear friends who you have a lot of admiration for but maybe not a ton in common musically, that feels kind of like the biggest gift of all.

Watch Mipso and Jake Xerxes Fussell along with Nick and Helen Forster perform “Donkey Riding” on eTown below:

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