Mipso Announces New Album & Shares Lead Single

By Scott Bernstein Mar 13, 2018 10:13 am PDT

Americana quartet Mipso will issue their fourth album, Edges Run, on April 6 via AntiFragile Music. The band, who will begin an extensive tour the same day the album is released, have shared the first single from the LP.

Mipso features Libby Rodenbough (vocalist, fiddle player and songwriter), Jacob Sharp (vocalist, mandolinist and songwriter), Joseph Terrell (vocalist, guitarist and songwriter) and Wood Robinson (vocalist and bassist). “We’re four personalities with different ways of telling stories who hope to tell a stronger story collectively,” said Rodenbough of her bandmates in a press release announcing the album. “Working so closely forces all of your edges to rub up against each other.”

“We’d all seen a lot of change in a short period,” Sharp explained about the period between the release of the band’s last album and Edges Run. “Three of us moved out of the Triangle area [in North Carolina] and into other places. We had relationships end and deaths of friends and family members.” Mipso recorded Edges Run during the dead of winter in Eugene, Oregon. “We were beginning to feel, probably for the first time, that youth was more behind us than ahead, and so I think we were all feeling different pressures closing in,” added Sharp.

Mipso left their North Carolina base to travel to Eugene to record with producer (and bassist) Todd Sickafoose. “We decided to let ourselves explore new ideas and new sounds for this album, not knowing quite what that would feel like. We had to trust that the end result would sound honest, would sound like us,” said Terrell. The quartet has shared “People Change,” the first single off Edges Run, which is available for pre-order via the band’s website.

Listen to “People Change”:

Mipso will visit 30+ cities between April 6 and mid-May and are expected to confirm summer dates soon.

Edges Run Tracklist

  1. Take Your Records Home
  2. Didn’t Know Love
  3. Servant To It
  4. Edges Run
  5. Pay In Full
  6. People Change
  7. Moonlight
  8. All Behind Me Now
  9. Golden Kettle
  10. Weeper’s Woe
  11. Oceans
  12. Sleep, Little Dreamer
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