Maserati: Inventions for the New Season

By: Chris Pacifico

Most would think that a band with !!! drummer Jerry Fuchs would be something that you could dance to until bunions break out on your feet but Maserati is more of an instrumental post rock induced, psychedelic trip on a time machine heading somewhere into an Arthur C. Clarke novel. Maserati relies on airtight jamming which isn’t too sparse and manages to careen even at a sluggish pace on the lion’s share of the tracks before the cosmos traveling buildups dissolve into one big, spidery crescendo.

Coley Dennis and Matt Cherry’s guitars are largely built on a platform of crisp echoes that gently morph into jittery combustion on “Inventions,” while “Synchronicity IV” is a slightly mellow tribute to bands like Rodan and Ui. No matter how the pace progresses, Inventions for the New Season (Temporary Residence) keeps the listener in an ambient, melodic strata where you’re running and being chased by someone or something while everything around you is slow moving and riddled with apprehension. Some will see Maserati giving a telepathic plaudit to the Blade Runner soundtrack that was done by Vangelis back in 1982.

If Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon can be played and meshed into the first 37 minutes of The Wizard of Oz, then just about any song from Inventions could be listened to simultaneously through any good scene from The Last Starfighter. The songs may not move at the pace of the eponymous automobile (more like a Fiat) but it gets to where it’s going.

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