Marco Benevento Appears On ‘Eric Krasno Plus One’ Podcast

Benevento talks new music, keyboards, JRAD and more.

By Nate Todd Jul 12, 2021 10:03 am PDT

Marco Benevento appeared on JamBase partner Osiris Media Network podcast Eric Krasno Plus One. The keyboardist talked new music he’s working on, receiving a Hammond organ from his parents, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and more.

The discussion got underway with Benevento talking about quarantine, which gave the busy musician a chance to spend time with his family at his home and studio in upstate New York. “I’m living the dream up here,” Marco said. “This is like the best place anyone could quarantine for 15 months for a musician. I got the studio, a separate building from my house. Being on tour I had been missing the kids. The kids are 14 and 11 now, si I got a bunch of quality time with the kids, taught them a bunch of piano lessons. This was like a giant reset button for me.”

Marco also talked about new music he has been working on. While quarantined, he considered playing every instrument himself and was spurred on by a piano student. “I told him I was considering doing all the instruments myself,” Benevento said. “Because this was like the perfect time, being trapped in here, I’m just gonna do this myself and he was like ‘I’m surprised you haven’t done that already.’ And I thought to myself, I’m surprised I haven’t done that already too. So I went for it.”

Benevento spoke about a couple records he has in the mix. “I came up with one record, that’s gonna be a thing,” he said.” “The second idea or batch of songs I have that really work well together are me and the piano kinda songs. Eventually I might add bass and drums, but really very Lennon-esque, just singing and playing the piano. I hope to not really edit it so much…I hope to just catch the moment with those tunes compared to the other record which is a lot of experimentation.”

Marco goes on to talk about the “life-changing” moment when his parents surprised him with a Hammond organ. He and Kraz also discuss their alma mater Berklee College Of Music, which is also where Benevento’s longtime collaborator Joe Russo went to school and Marco talks about reconnecting with Joe after college to form the Benevento/Russo Duo. Additionally, Benevento and Krasno take a deep dive on Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and more.

Listen to the Eric Krasno Plus One podcast with Marco Benevento below:

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