Mapache Announces New Album ‘From Liberty Street’ & Shares Single


Mapache will release a new studio album entitled From Liberty Street through Yep Roc Records on March 20. The California-based duo shared the lead single, “Life On Fire.”

Mapache, which is comprised of guitarists/vocalists Sam Blasucci and Clay Finch, worked with regular collaborator Dan Horne to produce From Liberty Street. The 14-track LP, and follow-up to their 2017 self-titled debut, takes its name from the Los Angeles home where it was recorded. The songs on the album were written while the pair was on the road touring.

“A lot of these lyrics started coming together late at night in hotel rooms around the country,” Blasucci stated. “When you’re on the road traveling from place to place and you don’t have anything tying you anywhere in particular, you naturally start to look for some sort of spiritual home or stability, and I think a lot of songs on this record are searching or pleading for something more concrete and rooted.”


“Writing and singing in Spanish was also reflective of life on Liberty Street,” Finch, who lived in Mexico for two years after graduating high school, stated. “Mexican culture and music are intertwined into the fabric of the neighborhood and shaped our experiences living there.”

“This record is about as close to the sound of home as you can get,” added Blasucci. “We recorded it with a bunch of our friends in the house where we were living in a neighborhood that we loved. The studio was right downstairs, so we had the freedom to try all kinds of new ideas without any pressure or limitations. All the other folks who lived in the house were musicians, too, so it made for this communal atmosphere where everyone was always collaborating and creating together.”

Watch the “Life On Fire” video below:


From Liberty Street Tracklist

  1. Life On Fire
  2. Read Between The Lines
  3. Me Voy Pa’l Pueblo
  4. Cactus Flower
  5. See Through
  6. Face Is Blue
  7. Cowboy
  8. Liberty Street Blues
  9. Me Da Muerte
  10. Coyote
  11. Cherry Barb
  12. Igual
  13. To Play For All Of You
  14. I Just Steal Away And Pray