Maggie Rose Releases ‘20/20’ Acoustic Performance Video


Maggie Rose shared an acoustic performance video for her song “20/20.” The tune appears as the A-side of the Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s 2020 single, Quarantine 45.

Rose performed “20/20” earlier this year on The Kelly Clarkson Show where she was backed by a full band. The new visual sees Maggie on the piano with a single cello as accompaniment.

Maggie shared a detailed note about the song via social media. She spoke about drawing inspiration from her husband Austin as well as the late great John Prine and more. Read a few excerpts below:

When John Prine lost his battle to Covid, Austin challenged me to pay tribute to one of my songwriting heroes and share it with our heartbroken community. So, after a tequila or two, I accepted and played a teary “I Love you So Much It Hurts” from Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings while he stood there and filmed me playing the song in my pink silk bathrobe until I finally landed a solid take. I loved John Prine and Austin so much in that moment that it really did hurt and I wasn’t going to squander that love away, so the next day I sat down at the piano to write the chorus of 20/20.

The ability to really see the world around us and appreciate its beauty yet identify all the things in various degrees of brokenness that need fixing has been a huge theme for me this year. Pointing that same lens toward myself has been an even more intense process. I’ve felt like an imposter at times and I’ve dealt with anger, sadness, fear, and feelings of abandonment and disillusionment. I also have felt immense gratitude and a deep connection with people who fuel my dreams and prop me up as they deal with crazy challenges of their own. I have been able to take a long hard look at who I am with sympathetic but crystal clear eyes. It’s not the gift I was seeking out, but it’s like the pack of bombas socks in my Christmas stocking that I really did need. My wish for us in 2021 is for us to take all we have seen this year and make it a little better for ourselves and those around you.

Watch Maggie Rose’s “20/20” acoustic performance video below:

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Rose is also set to host Crowd Control on SiriusXM’s Phish Radio tonight. Check out here tweet on Crowd Control below:

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