Love & Marriage: Brooklyn Bowl Hosts Very Special Hayley Jane & The Primates Show


Words by: Dianna Hank

Images by: Jeremy Gordon

Hayley Jane & The Primates Wedding Extravaganza :: 10.18.17
Brooklyn Bowl :: Brooklyn, NY

Check out Jeremy’s photos and full show video after Dianna’s review.

Last night was one of the more unconventional nights Brooklyn Bowl has seen in its eight-plus year history. Not only was it Hayley Jane and the PrimatesWe’re Here Now album release party, but prior to that set, Primates bassist Josh Carter and his fiancé Kristen Detroia were married on stage, under a Stealie-adorned chuppah, by one of the venue’s owners – the one and only Peter Shapiro.

Amidst microphone stands wrapped in ribbons and decorated with lilies, baby’s breath, roses and sunflowers, the wedding party stood onstage, with bride and groom under a chuppah, as wedding guests and members of the public alike watched from the floor.

Officiant Shapiro opened the ceremony with the immortal words of Prince: “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” He went on to quote the Grateful Dead’s “Sugar Magnolia” in describing the bride: “She’s a summer love in the spring, fall and winter. She can make happy any man alive..”

Shapiro then went on to explain that, while Brooklyn Bowl has been host to many weddings in the past, this was the first that saw the Bowl keep its doors open to the public. Restraints weren’t even put on bowling during the ceremony! He suggested that Brooklyn Bowl tries to bring people together for passion, for love, for fun and for children — many elements that make a marriage great.

After this short introduction, Shapiro welcomed Dopapod’s Rob Compa to the stage to say a few words, as Compa had known both the bride and groom separately since before they had met. Compa explained how he had nudged Detroia to go talk to Carter during a night out in Austin together and how the rest was history.

Shapiro then read one of The Sheva Brachot or the “seven blessings” which are the heart of the Jewish wedding ceremony: “May your love for one another always be a source of inspiration and happiness. Blessed is the Source of Joy, who creates a wonderful, brilliant world.” The couple then exchanged their “I Do”s, Shapiro introduced for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Kristen and Josh Carter and Carter stepped on a glass, as is tradition. Only then did they realize that they had neglected to complete the ring exchange portion of the ceremony, so they took care of that real quick.

After many cheers from both wedding guests & members of the public who had just stumbled upon this wedding by accident, The Brooklyn Bowl Wedding Allstars took the stage. Featuring Dopapod’s Eli Winderman on keys and Rob Compa on guitar, Pink Talking Fish’s Richard James also on keys, and Kung Fu’s Adrian Tramontano on drums and Chris DeAngelis on bass, this all-star group threw down a wedding soundtrack that would make many couples jealous.

The Allstars kicked things off with Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” followed by The Band’s “Up On Cripple Creek.” Next was the seminal wedding song for any Deadhead: “They Love Each Other.” To pick the pace up and get the guests moving again, the Allstars borrowed yet again from Wonder with “Boogie On Reggae Woman” followed by the crowd-pleaser, Talking Heads’ “Burning Down The House.” The Allstars then brought up Primates guitarist Justin Hancock to cover The Allman Brothers Band’s “Blue Sky” before dropping into Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” featuring a tease of The O’Jays (or Heavy D & The Boyz, depending who you’re asking) “Now That We Found Love.” Finally, the Allstars turned yet again to Wonder’s catalog for “Higher Ground” before closing the post-wedding set with The Rolling Stones’ “Loving Cup.”

Next to the stage was Hayley Jane and The Primates to kick off their We’re Here Now album release show. They opened their set with a song not featured on the album called “In My Mind” which highlighted Jane’s signature gritty voice. Following that was “Mama,” a rootsy, Americana tune from We’re Here Now that featured Jane on the washboard. Another non-album song with a very tropical island feel, “We Found Out” came after that. Next, The Primates welcomed Catelin McCarriston and The Interstellar Dancers to the stage. These women danced with Jane during another We’re Here Now song, “Madeline.” Guitarist Justin Hancock took a soaring guitar solo and the song ended with the Dancers pulling Jane to the floor. This transitioned into “Creatures” which also featured the Dancers on stage.

Dopapod guitarist Rob Compa was welcomed back to the stage for the following tune, a super funky, fast-paced song with a very Talking Heads vibe called “You Gotta Move.” The band then slowed the pace down a bit with the bluesy, soulful and beautiful “Lose You” before bringing two of Jane’s friends from Boston onstage for the reggae “Man Acrylic” featuring steel drum and percussion.

Between songs, Jane took a moment to explain that the band would be playing a Halloween show supporting Pink Talking Fish on October 27th at Gypsy Sally’s in Washington, D.C. during which the band would transform into “Jenny and The Gumps,” performing songs from Forrest Gump: The Soundtrack. With that, they broke into their cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “Volunteers.”

For the next song, Jane welcomed Dopapod’s keys player Eli Winderman as well as singer-songwriter Elise Testone to the stage for another We’re Here Now tune, “Make It Alright.” The two women stole the show on vocals before exiting the stage to allow for Winderman, Hancock and recently-married Primates bassist Josh Carter to take some solos for themselves. Returning to the stage after a quick outfit change, Jane and Testone finished out the song with some scatting and a quick little vocal jam.

The energy peak of the night came next with the We’re Here Now tune “Cosmic Katrina,” featuring The Interstellar Dancers, who also had changed costumes and were now in ’80s gear to match the New Wave sound of the song. The somewhat electronic albeit incredibly catchy and poppy tune segued into a much darker and stranger “More Interesting,” also from the new album. Richard James of Pink Talking Fish joined the band once again for “Hey Mister” followed by the set-closing, “Hurricane Jane.”

For the encore, Jane returned to the darkened stage holding a glowing orb and sang a beautiful version of We’re Here Now tune “To The Moon.” Lastly, everyone came back to the stage to close out the night with the uplifting and affirmative “I Can Do It (Poo Jam).”

All in all, it was an incredibly fun, entertaining and high-energy night at the Bowl. One filled with love, joy, passion and great music. Here’s to Kristen and Josh, thank you for throwing a great wedding and for letting us all be a part of it!

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