The National Side Project LNZNDRF Announces New Album ‘II’ & Shares Single

By Scott Bernstein Jan 12, 2021 12:28 pm PST

LNZNDRF — a group consisting of The National‘s Scott Devendorf and Bryan Devendorf as well as The National touring musician Ben Lanz and Aaron Arntz (Beirut, Grizzly Bear) — will release an album entitled II on January 29. The quartet unveiled II track “Brace Yourself” along with an accompanying video directed by Lanz.

The band recorded II at Austin’s Public Hi-Fi over the course of a week in September 2019. The eight-track LP features contributing vocals from Melissa Laveaux on “Ringwoodite” and Ben Mabry on “Gaskiers.”


LNZNDRF describes II as “a mass hypnotism, somehow both thunderous and trance-inducing.” The material on the album emerged from heavily improvised sessions. “These songs seem to come from the formless, translucent holograms that appear behind your eyelids just before sleep sets in,” added the quartet. “The visions you swear you’ll remember in the morning but never do.”

II comes on the heels of 2020’s To A Lake, which was the follow-up to the band’s self-titled 2016 debut album. “If a song could be written by a bass drum, this is it,” the group noted of “Brace Yourself” on Twitter. “The tenor, tuning, and texture of the song radiating from the kick, the dancing bounce, beating the tune for us to follow.”

Watch LNZNDRF’s “Brace Yourself” video below:


II Tracklist

  1. The Xeric Steppe
  2. Brace Yourself
  3. You Still Rip
  4. Cascade
  5. Chicxulub
  6. Ringwoodite
  7. Glaskiers
  8. Stowaway
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