Letterman Music Files | Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir Rehearsal

Next week late night talk show host David Letterman will retire from The Late Show. To pay tribute to Letterman we launched a column called Letterman Music Files to present some of the many incredible musical performances that aired on both Late Night and The Late Show since 1982 as well as interview segments. Today, we’re re-sharing the original Letterman Music Files column we published as we approach Wednesday’s finale.

David’s team had a uncanny knack for booking musical performers that would really make an impact and with a house band dubbed “The World’s Most Dangerous Band” led by Paul Shaffer, he was able to bring on certain musicians without having to invite their band mates. As an example, Letterman welcomed Grateful Dead guitarists Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia for three appearances between 1982 and 1989.

To kick off Letterman Music Files we look at rare rehearsal footage of Weir, Garcia and members of The World’s Most Dangerous Band from their October 13, 1989 appearance on Late Night. Watch as they rehearse “I Second That Emotion”:

And here’s the performance that aired on the actual episode followed by an interview in which Jerry & Bob discuss a potential show in Russia that never happened: