Keller Williams & Infamous Stringdusters Play Grateful Grass Set At Bluegrass In The Bottoms


Keller Williams teamed up with The Infamous Stringdusters for a Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass set on Saturday. The performance of songs from the Grateful Dead live repertoire took place at the Bluegrass In The Bottoms festival in Kansas City.

Williams & The ‘Dusters kicked off the set with a bluegrass-heavy rendition of the traditional “Cold Rain & Snow.” Andy Falco and Travis Book then shared lead vocals on an inventive interpretation of “Jack Straw.” Keller took a moment to say hello to the audience during the start of a rollicking “Alabama Getaway” and led a more straightforward version of “Brown-Eyed Women.” A highlight of the performance came next as the ensemble mashed up “Cumberland Blues” and “They Love Each Other” in fine fashion.

The set rolled on with a fast-paced take on “Sugaree” and gorgeous “Eyes Of The World.” Saturday’s “Eyes” featured a standout solo from banjoist Chris Pandolfi and faded into “Samson & Delilah.” Keller spit the lyrics with passion throughout the Saturday version of the Sunday Sermon. Williams and The Infamous Stringdusters ended their set with the Ron “Pigpen” McKernan classic “Mr. Charlie” in which Keller gave thanks to each member of the Grateful Dead as well as Oteil Burbridge and John Mayer. Listen to an audience recording taped by Jeff Jansen:


Set: Cold Rain & Snow, Jack Straw, Alabama Getaway, Brown-Eyed Women, Cumberland Blues/They Love Each Other Mashup, Sugaree, Eyes Of The World, Samson & Delilah, Mr. Charlie

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