Karina Rykman Reveals How Recent Mike Gordon Sit-In Happened On ‘Inappropriate Happiness’ Podcast

Hear Karina give a behind-the-scenes report on the memorable collaboration.

By Nate Todd Dec 13, 2022 1:58 pm PST

The latest episode of JamBase partner Osiris Media’s Inappropriate Happiness podcast with hosts Karina Rykman and Isaac Slone sees the bassist discussing her recent memorable collaboration with Phish bassist Mike Gordon. The team up took place on Saturday, December 3 at legendary Phish haunt Nectar’s in Burlington, Vermont one day after Phish’s 39th anniversary.

Karina caught up with co-host Isaac by phone while she was still in Burlington staying in Gordon’s guest house with her band while enjoying some time off after the Nectar’s show and before resuming her late fall tour. Karina characterized the Nectar’s play as “one of the top three shows I’ve ever played in my life.” Rykman also revealed some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of how the show and sit-in came together.

“Since the show went on sale … we’ve been sort of co-conspiring about what to wear, the gag, what do we do, all these things. We decided we would both wear white and that I would have my wireless bass so that in the middle of the jam, we didn’t know what song yet, but I would run off the stage and then [Mike] would replace me wearing whatever outfit we decided on. And I would be offstage watching him jam with my two boys Adam November and Chris Corsico and let that go on for however long. Then I would come back and rejoin the festivities if you will … Gotta say, I love when a good plan comes together ‘cause that’s exactly what we did.”
  • Watch Phish’s Mike Gordon Join Karina Rykman At Nectar’s: Pro-Shot Video

    Watch Phish’s Mike Gordon Join Karina Rykman At Nectar’s: Pro-Shot Video

    Watch Phish bassist Mike Gordon join bassist Karina Rykman and her band on “City Kids” at Nectar’s in Burlington, Vermont.

As Karina noted, they didn’t have the song for the sit-in when they began planning but decided on “City Kids” the week of, a number she also collaborated on with a young bassist, Ruby Golden Tiger, the night previous at Soundcheck Studios in Pembroke, Massachusetts. Rykman also discussed how the “City Kids” jam with Mike waxed Type II, making pads with her pedals for Mike to play over, averting disaster after having technical difficulties with the recording and more.

Listen to the complete episode of Inappropriate Happiness below:

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