Jon Gutwillig’s Podcast ‘Touchdowns All Day’ Explores The Disco Biscuits’ Denver 2019 Concerts


The Disco Biscuits guitarist Jon Gutwillig recently unveiled the ninth episode of the Osiris podcast Touchdowns All Day With Jon Barber. Gutwilling provides commentary for three jams tDB played during their two-night stand at Denver’s Ogden Theater on May 23 and 24 that started the group’s 2019 Bisco Inferno run.

Barber begins by explaining he was on vacation which led to the five-week break between episodes. He then shared his experience at last month’s Camp Bisco music festival and revealed it was so hot drummer Allen Aucoin couldn’t perform without vomiting. Gutwillig also recalled how Live Nation helped the band save Camp Bisco by providing its current home of The Pavilion At Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 2015 seven weeks before the event was set to take place.

The episode continued with the guitarist playing the “Mindless Dribble” > “Vasillios” jam from May 23 and providing his thoughts on what went down. “What a strange, weird jam. You can hear how uncomfortable me and [tDB keyboardist] Aron [Magner] are in the space,” Barber said. “You can hear Aron and I just building it and taking it and making it something, but neither one of us want to put too much salt in the soup.”

Next up was the jam that led from “Spacebirdmatingcall” > “Voices Insane” from the same night and same set as the prior jam Barber spun and commented on. Rich Steele picks the segment plays on the podcast and the guitarist was fooled by what he heard and wasn’t sure until the end exactly what segment he was hearing. “I’m at this point fooled. I’m fooled by this band, I’m fooled by this jam, I don’t know who these people are,” expressed Gutwillig. Finally, Jon played the “Shem-Rah Boo” > “Abraxas” jam from the first set on May 24. He waited until the section was over before he weighed in. “There was no real place to jump in and stay stuff because it was solid, it was building, it was good,” Barber said. The guitarist then broke down what he heard on a musical level.

In other news, Gutwillig penned a statement addressed to Biscuits fans that was shared on the band’s social feeds. “For years now we’ve been working on our lives away from music,” began Barber. He went on to explain the four-piece is now ready to seize the moment and teased more concerts than the plan of short runs every-once-in-awhile that has been in place since Summer 2011. “Get ready, the best is yet to come,” ends the note. The guitarist also hinted at a big Episode 10 in store for Touchdowns All Day. Read the full note below:

Here’s Episode 9 of Touchdowns All Day With Jon Barber:

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