Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Hints At West Coast Show

UPDATE 3/25 1:15 p.m. PT: The band has clarified a few things with a new Facebook post. The first is that JRAD will not play a show on April 14 and the second is that “most things are west of NYC.” We await further word on what the group has planned.

It looks like the West Coast will get its first Joe Russo’s Almost Dead show later this year. A pair of cryptic messages on the band’s Facebook page hint that JRAD has an announcement in store. The first reads “~J4®14?14D~” while the second contains a video link for Pet Shop Boys’s “Go West.”

[Photo by Andrew Blackstein]

If you’re unfamiliar with the premise behind Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Furthur drummer Joe Russo plays Grateful Dead covers accompanied by his Bustle In Your Hedgerow band mates Scott Metzger, Dave Dreiwitz and Marco Benevento, along with Tommy Hamilton of American Babies/Brothers Past. The first message seems to indicate the quintet will perform on 4/14/14, though Russo is scheduled to perform with Phil Lesh at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music that night. Perhaps a late night at Brooklyn Bowl is in the cards in addition to the West Coast show? (Update -Not happening)

All will be revealed soon enough, we’re just glad JRAD is a going concern. If you missed it, the band will play Gathering Of The Vibes this summer.

While we wait to see what JRAD has in store, enjoy a soundboard matrix recording of the band’s second-ever show (December 27 at The Capitol Theatre) as well as some of LazyLightning’s videos


[Complete Terrapin Station Suite]

[Playing In The Band]


[Truckin’ > Dupree’s]

[Cumberland Blues]

[Fire On The Mountain]