Jimmy Buffett Performs ‘Down At The Lah De Dah’ For ‘Fallon’


Jimmy Buffett was tapped as the musical guest for last night’s episode of NBC late night talk show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Buffett and his band assembled remotely to perform “Down At The Lah De Dah” as part of Monday’s show.

“Down At The Lah De Dah” appears on Buffett’s recently released Life On The Flip Side LP. The album is Buffett’s 30th album. Jimmy discussed the genesis of the song with CMT News:

It was written originally by Paul Brady. When I met Paul Brady last year, when he opened our shows in London and Dublin, he had come highly recommended by my friend Mark Knopfler. And he was spot on. …So, getting to know him was a pleasure. He’s one of those guys you meet and you feel like you’ve known him for 40 years.

Then he sent me the first draft of the song and I just loved it! It had a little bit of everything, and I said, “Well, I’d like to write a different verse that I’d like to finish this with.” I’ve done co-writing with a lot of people like that and they call it “Buffettizing.” Somebody will send me a song and I’ll say, “I like that, but…” So that was the process by which “Lah De Dah” came out, and we wrote it together.

Watch Buffett’s performance of “Down At The Lah De Dah” below:

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