JamBase Launches Massive Live Video Archive

By Team JamBase Aug 25, 2020 12:27 pm PDT

Today, JamBase is excited to announce the JamBase Live Video Archive (JBLVA), an ever-growing database featuring thousands of live music videos. The JBLVA allows visitors to filter videos in any number of ways, including by band, song, duration, year and videographer/channel to help you find just the right clip.

Head over to JamBase.com/Videos to give it a try. The complete scope of the JamBase Live Video Archive is best experienced using a desktop device but don’t let that stop you from checking it out on your phone or tablet as well. When you access the JBLVA, you’ll notice a number of filters towards the top of the screen on mobile and on the left for desktop. Use these options to filter by band, channel, song, event year, duration and type of video. Multiple filters can be picked, giving users a wide variety of options. Click the “Sort By” button at the top of the list to display your results by event date, duration and upload date.

Looking to find videos of Phish performing “Harry Hood” in 2013? Enter “Harry Hood” in the song filter and you’ll see a list of every version in our database. Use the “Event Year” filter to pick 2013. You’ll then see many videos to choose from. Press “Play” to watch in the player or press “queue” to start a list of videos that will display in the order you selected to view at your leisure.

Another way to use the video portal is to begin by filtering to a specific song by either putting the title at the top of the “Song” filter or browsing the list. For instance, there are more than 150 videos containing performances of “All Along The Watchtower.” Then, use the band filter to pick between versions by such acts as Dave Matthews Band, the Grateful Dead, Warren Haynes and Phil Lesh.

Seattle independent radio station KEXP has a huge archive of performances. The JamBase Live Video Archive contains over 14K clips from KEXP all that can be filtered by band, year, song, duration and more. Performances from The Barr Brothers, Wilco, Jason Isbell and Yo La Tengo are just a few of the dozens of acts featured in KEXP videos on the JBLVA.

Those are just three examples as the possibilities are endless. Our team continues to add new videos to the site daily. Plus, in many cases, we’ve entered the start time for each tune in videos containing multiple songs. Let’s say you want to watch the Grateful Dead’s performance of “He’s Gone” from October 14, 1988. There’s no need to scroll through the video to figure out where the song starts. Simply select the video by filtering and you’ll see a list of the songs featured in the video. Click on “He’s Gone” and the video will begin right where you want it.

We’ll be showing off this powerful tool in our articles moving forward. This will allow you to click on an artist’s name at the bottom of a video embed to be brought to the portal’s full list of videos for that artist. The same applies to channel/videographer too. Plus, if there are multiple songs in a video featured in an article, in most cases you’ll be able to click on the song title to go right to where that tune starts. Stay tuned for a series of articles putting the power of the portal to work.

Now, here’s where you come in. You’ll notice the video player has a link for “Got Updates?” If you come across any issues with the data, be it a start time is wrong or a song is mislabeled, please click on that link to fill out a form for our team so we can correct the problem. Additionally, we’d love your help entering any videos you don’t see in the JBLVA. Use this form to enter videos yourself and then a member of our team will approve before it hits the database.

JamBase CEO David Onigman and developer Todd Levy will discuss the JBLVA with photographer Jeff Kravitz on today’s (Tuesday, August 25) installment of 420LIVE! Watch below starting at 4:20 p.m PT/7:20 p.m. ET:

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