Holly Bowling Announces New Album ‘Live At The Old Church’


Pianist Holly Bowling will release a live album entitled Live At The Old Church on August 23. Bowling previewed the set by unveiling the final track, a rendition of the Grateful Dead’s “Brokedown Palace.”

Live At The Old Church was recorded at The Old Church Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon on September 21, 2018. Holly’s solo performance included a mix of Grateful Dead and Phish classics. The pianist opened her first set with “Lost Sailor” and ended the frame with its familiar partner, “Saint Of Circumstance.” Bowling’s second set included a massive “Theme From The Bottom” sandwich that included such numbers as”Dark Star” and “Piper” within. She closed out the set with “Slipknot!” and “Franklin’s Tower” before encoring with “Brokedown Palace.”

Listen to “Brokedown Palace” from Live At The Old Church below:


Live At The Old Church Tracklist

  1. Lost Sailor >
  2. My Friend, My Friend
  3. Weather Report Suite: Prelude/Part I/Part II (Let It Grow) >
  4. Mountains in the Mist
  5. Scents and Subtle Sounds >
  6. Saint of Circumstance
  7. Theme from the Bottom >
  8. Dark Star >
  9. Let It Grow
  10. Piper >
  11. Theme from the Bottom >
  12. Slipknot! > Franklin’s Tower
  13. Brokedown Palace