Guster Covers Fan-Made Cover Video


Guster drummer Brian Rosenworcel was searching his band’s name on YouTube when he came across a video of a performance of their song “Diane” uploaded by brothers David Bashford and Andy Bashford. At the time the video of the cover had only three views and Rosenworcel and his Guster band mates Ryan Miller and Adam Gardner decided to pay tribute to the tribute by covering the cover video.

What you’ll see in the video below is Guster’s shot-for-shot cover video of the original Bashford brother’s recording of “Diane” featuring Rosenworcel, Miller and Gardner paired with the audio from the cover video. After re-making the fan video, Rosenworcel sought out a friend of David Bashford’s named Danielle who showed him and his brother the Guster-filmed video and recorded the reaction. Watch below the Guster cover video, followed by a split-screen of the two versions, the reaction video and the original fan-made cover as well.

[Guster Covers David Bashford’s Cover Video]

[Guster Covers David Bashford’s Guster Cover Video (Split Screen)]

[Guster Saw Your Cover Video, And They Covered It]

[Diane – Guster | David Bashford Cover feat. Andy Bashford]

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