Greensky Bluegrass Welcomes Sam Bush & Cris Jacobs At Merlefest

Cris Jacobs filled in for Anders and GSBG also brought out bluegrass great Sam Bush.

By Nate Todd May 3, 2022 9:58 am PDT

Greensky Bluegrass performed at Merlefest on Friday without dobroist Anders Beck who is attending to a family emergency. As announced, guitarist and frequent collaborator Cris Jacobs joined Greensky on electric for the entire concert and GSBG also welcomed bluegrass great Sam Bush for a pair of tunes at the Wilkesboro Community College campus in Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

Greensky kicked off their Merlefest set with “Grow Together” from their new album Stress Dreams followed by staples “I’d Probably Kill You” and “Leap Year.” Sam Bush then joined the fun on fiddle for another pair of GSBG staples, “Demons” and “Lose My Way.”

Greensky and Cris then returned to Stress Dreams material with “Monument” before Jacobs led the band through his “Be My Stars.” Guitarist Dave Bruzza then helmed his “Letter To Seymour” before mandolinist Paul Hoffman handled “In Control.” GSBG closed out their Merlefest set with Stress Dreams’ “New & Improved” ahead of a “Past My Prime” encore.

With Jacobs in tow, Greensky then headed to New Orleans for a late night Jazz Fest set at the Civic Theatre. Hoffman led the band through staple “Jaywalking” to start things off before more Stress Dreams in the form of “Screams,” “Give A Shit” and more with the favorite “All Four” making an appearance as well. Jacobs once again offered his “Be My Stars” ahead of a “Worry For You” and “Don’t Lie” set-closing segment.

The second frame would feature a number of tunes from Merlefest along with Jacobs’ “Bone Digger,” which Greensky often covers without Cris. The second set closed out with “What You Need” and “Kerosene” and Greensky offered “Reasons To Stay” for the encore.

Merlefest Setlist (via Phantasy Tour)

Set: Grow Together, I’d Probably Kill You, Leap Year, Demons[1], Lose My Way[1], Monument, Be My Stars, A Letter to Seymour, In Control, New & Improved

Encore: Past My Prime


No Anders; full show with Cris Jacobs (electric guitar)

[1] w/ Sam Bush (fiddle)

NOLA Setlist (via Phantasy Tour)

Set One: Jaywalking, Screams, Give a Shit, All Four, Monument, Be My Stars, Worry for You > Don’t Lie

Set Two: Past My Prime, Bone Digger, New & Improved, In Control, A Letter to Seymour, Grow Together, What You Need, Kerosene

Encore: Reasons to Stay


No Anders; full show with Cris Jacobs (electric guitar)

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