Greensky Bluegrass Welcomes The Infamous Stringdusters’ Andy Hall In Burlington

The first Casual Wednesday of the tour saw The Dusters dobroist join GSBG for "I'd Probably Kill You" and "Worried About The Weather."

By Scott Bernstein Jan 27, 2022 9:32 am PST

Greensky Bluegrass resumed their winter tour featuring support from The Infamous Stringdusters on Wednesday in Burlington, Vermont. The trek’s trend of collaborations continued at The Flynn Theatre last night as The Infamous Stringdusters dobroist Andy Hall sat-in with GSBG for the last two songs of their second set.

Another trend that continued on Wednesday was Greensky focusing solely on originals. The band’s dobroist Anders Beck and mandolinist Paul Hoffman hinted at the group going sans covers this winter during their recent appearance on The JamBase Podcast.

The Infamous Stringdusters began the action in Burlington with a 10-song performance. Included within was “I Didn’t Know,” the latest single from their forthcoming Toward The Fray studio album.

Greensky Bluegrass chose “Merely Avoiding” to open and then dug in on the beloved “All Four” for the following 17 minutes. Next up was “Absence Of Reason” and “New & Improved,” two of six songs from the recently released Stress Dreams studio album to make the setlist in Vermont. The jamgrass quintet then played “Wish I Didn’t Know” and “It’s Not Mine Anymore” off 2019’s All For Money LP before returning to Stress Dreams for “Until I Sing.” Quick runs through Hoffman’s “Tied Down” and guitarist Dave Bruzza‘s “Wings For Wheels” capped Greensky’s first set.

Stress Dreams standout “Cut A Tooth” got last night’s second set underway. Ballad “What Happened To Jim?” was then followed by the obligatory “Casual Wednesday.” Anders Beck told the crowd how happy and lucky he felt to play music for them, especially on a Wednesday. The dobroist noted Wednesday was his favorite day of the week and went on to recite some stats, including that crew member Guido Batista has been alive for 2,497 Wednesdays and has been their tour manager for 275 Wednesdays. “I myself have been alive for 2,309 Wednesdays and this one, this very Wednesday is the best goddamn Wednesday of my life,” Beck explained.

The ensuing “A Letter To Seymour” was followed by a lengthy “Lose My Way.” Greensky then paired the rollicking “Better Off” and third live “Screams” before bringing out Andy Hall. Andy added to an “I’d Probably Kill You” that saw a lyric change to, “If some how Andy Hall was in it” as well as the set-closing “Worried About The Weather.” Hall had plenty of opportunities to solo and jam during both songs. GSBG went on to say farewell to the Vermont faithful with a “Worry For You” encore, which marked just the third live performance of the Stress Dreams track.

Greensky Bluegrass and The Infamous Stringdusters play Portland, Maine’s State Theatre tonight.


The Infamous Stringdusters (via Setlist.FM)

Set: Carry Me Away, Head Over Heels > Sirens, Porcupine Cove, I Didn’t Know, Steam Powered Aereo Plane, Rockets, Likes Of Me, Another One Like You > Echoes Of Goodbye

Greensky Bluegrass (via PT GSBG)

Set One: Merely Avoiding, All Four, Absence of Reason, New & Improved, Wish I Didn’t Know, It’s Not Mine Anymore, Until I Sing, Tied Down, Wings for Wheels

Set Two: Cut a Tooth, What Happened to Jim?, Casual Wednesday, A Letter to Seymour, Lose My Way, Better Off, Screams, I’d Probably Kill You [1], Worried About the Weather [1]

Encore: Worry for You

[1] – w/ Andy Hall (Dobro)

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