‘The Great Beyond’ Podcast Discusses Cover Songs With JamBase’s Scott Bernstein

By Team JamBase Apr 30, 2021 8:47 am PDT

JamBase Editorial Director Scott Berntein was the guest on the latest episode of The Great Beyond podcast featuring a discussion about cover songs. Bernstein spoke to hosts Joey Parisi, Greg Knight and Bruce Robinson about JamBase’s Cluster Flies Phish covers compilation, its March Madness Covers Tournament and much more.

The chat touched on JamBase’s Cluster Flies Phish covers compilation reimagining the album Farmhouse. The hosts of the definitely-not-a-Goose podcast were particularly fond of the “Vultures” cover featuring Goose’s Ben Atkind not only drumming but in a rare occurrence for him, singing on the track as well.

Bernstein detailed the process that went into preparing JamBase’s March Madness Covers Tournament that was held last month. Scotty described how videos from the JamBase Live Video Archive were chosen for the competition. The winning performance, Billy Strings covering the Grateful Dead’s “Wharf Rat” at The Capitol Theatre,” was analyzed as well.

Bernstein talked about some of his all-time favorite covers and his philosophy for seeing bands play covers live. The hosts asked Scotty to name a few of the covers Goose performs that he likes best. Bernstein also suggested a few songs that he would like to hear Goose cover — if they were into it.

Stream The Great Beyond podcast episode featuring JamBase’s Scott Bernstein discussing cover songs and more below:

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