Grateful Dead Perform ‘Cold Rain And Snow” In 1991: Pro-Shot Video


The Grateful Dead shared pro-shot video of “Cold Rain And Snow” for this week’s installment of their All The Years Live video series. The footage comes from the Dead’s June 14, 1991 concert at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium in Washington D.C.

A trusty opener, “Cold Rain And Snow” kicked off the show at RFK in ’91. Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux gave a little history of the stalwart song to accompany the video.

Read Lemieux’s notes below:

“From the Grateful Dead’s second release in their View From The Vault DVD series, Cold Rain and Snow is one of the longest-serving songs in the Dead’s repertoire, a staple of their 1966 shows onward. It was played most years 1966-1995. From the Dead’s first album, its live recorded debut on an official Dead album was on 1976’s Steal Your Face.”

The performance sees Vince Welnick holding down keyboards with Bruce Hornsby stepping out on accordion. Watch GD perform “Cold Rain And Snow” from RFK in ‘91 below:

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