Goose’s Peter Anspach Joins Pigeons Playing Ping Pong In Chicago


Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and Goose winged into the Rivera Theatre in Chicago on Saturday night. The former band would welcome the latter’s Peter Anspach on keyboards during the second set for the PPPP classic “Posideon.”

Pigeons got things underway with a debut of The Alan Parsons Project’s “Sirius,” the opening of which also happens to be the Chicago Bulls iconic theme song. Frontman Greg Ormont took the time to introduce the band starting lineup style. The Baltimore-based quartet then headed into the opener from their 2014 album Psychology, “F.U.” Originals “Fortress,” “Time To Ride” and new song “Move Like That” followed. PPPP would then encompass the song “Sir Real” (making just its 17th appearance since debuting int 2015 as per Phantasy Tour) within “Burning Up My Time.” “Offshoot” and “Lowdown” came next ahead of set closer, “Dawn A New Day.”

Set two kicked off with “Somethin’ For Ya” followed by “Havana.” Pigeons then welcomed Anspach on keys for “Posideon,” which saw the collab bringing the song to a sustained fever pitch before dropping back into the main melody. PPPP continued with “Snake Eyes” ahead of the Ghostbusters theme song, possibly a nod to famed Chicagoan Bill Murray. Also pure speculation and perhaps playing off an H20 theme begun with “Posideon,” the band played “Water” and “Sail On” next before closing out the set with “Schwanthem.”

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong would then retake the stage for an encore of their own “Doc” ahead of a cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Suck My Kiss” for just the 12th time since debuting the Chili Peppers classic in 2015. Check out video clips from the show captured by rynzlyon_lavflo and frannypants7 via Instagram including “Sirius” and “Posideon” below:

Setlist via Phantasy Tour

Set One: Sirius> F.U., Fortress, Time to Ride, Move Like That, Burning Up My Time > Sir Real > Burning Up My Time, Offshoot, Lowdown, Dawn a New Day

Set Two: Somethin For Ya, Havana, Poseidon[1], Snake Eyes, Ghostbusters, Water, Sail On, Schwanthem

Encore: Doc, Suck My Kiss


[1] w/ Peter Anspach (Goose) on Keys