Watch Goose Perform In Front Of Largest Crowd Yet At SweetWater 420 Fest

See the band play well-jammed versions of "Hot Tea," "Hungersite," "Pancakes" and more.

By Scott Bernstein May 3, 2022 10:48 am PDT

Goose performed in front of their largest audience to date on Saturday at the SweetWater 420 Fest in Atlanta. Pro-shot video footage featuring the set played for approximately 25,000 fans has been posted on Goose’s YouTube page and can be viewed below.

“There is quite a lot of you guys out there. Thank you all so much for showing up,” noted multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach after the band took the stage. Peter then wished a happy birthday to the late Col. Bruce Hampton and added, “We love you, Bruce.” With that, Goose launched into a 15-minute “Hot Tea” opener. Anspach showed off meaty Clavinet and electric piano stylings throughout “Hot Tea” as he accentuated guitarist Rick Mitarotonda‘s fierce leads.

After “Hot Tea,” Goose took the crowd down to “Rockdale” for a lengthy excursion on a tune first played by Vasudo. “Rockdale” featured multiple guitar-driven peaks and was followed by a well-jammed version of Dripfield single “Hungersite.” A three-song opening segment that spanned over 45 minutes came ahead of concise takes on “Moby” and “Yeti.”

The Connecticut-based quintet continued the set with three songs debuted earlier this year during the band’s winter tour — “California Magic,” “Pancakes” and “Silver Rising.” Mitarotonda fronted his own “California Magic” which had a slow and throbbing groove provided by percussionist Jeff Arevalo, bassist Trevor Weekz and drummer Ben Atkind. Goose then took Anspach’s “Pancakes” deep for nearly 20 minutes before Mitarotonda stepped back into the spotlight for “Silver Rising.” The five-piece went on to close the two-hour set with the beloved “The Empress Of Organos.”

See the full set below and head to the JamBase Live Video Archive (JBLVA) for over 150 additional Goose videos:

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Setlist (via Bandcamp)

Set: Hot Tea, Rockdale, Hungersite > Moby, Yeti, California Magic, Pancakes, Silver Rising, The Empress Of Organos

Coach’s Notes: This was the largest crowd the band has played for to date, 25,000 people.

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