Goose Plays 4-Song 2nd Set At ‘Dripfield’ Tour Opener In Charleston

Hear Goose go deep on "Creatures," "Arrow" and more.

By Nate Todd Apr 29, 2022 1:59 pm PDT

Goose kicked off their Dripfield Tour at the Firefly Distillery in North Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday. The Connecticut quintet delivered a four-song second set during their first show back since closing their winter tour in March.

Drummer Ben Atkind struck up the shuffling, double time beat of “Flodown” from the band’s 2021 album Shenanigan’s Nite Club. Following the “Flopener,” Goose delivered the reggae-tinged “Indian River” which boasted the first excursion of the evening at 16 minutes. Goose kept up the reggae vibes with Bob Marley’s “Caution” before escaping on a substantial “Time To Flee.” The band then delivered the first Dripfield song of the evening in the form of a big “Borne,” which stretched to nearly 19 minutes before heading into “Dr. Darkness” to wrap up the first frame.

Goose somersaulted into the four-song second set with “Tumble,” which grooved into a rave-up that saw guitarist Rick Mitarotonda flying through some rapid-fire licks toward the end of the 16-minute rendition. Next came the dancey “Creatures.” Rick led the band through tune ahead of a vibey jam sequence that boasted some more lightning riffage from Mitarotonda to cap off the 20-minute-plus jam, which cooled down into “Rosewood Heart.”

Keyboardist/guitarist Peter Anspach shone on the piano on “Rosewood” before the quintet got into another groove which they eased out of with a slowed-down, dub-tinged coda that bled into yet another jam vehicle in “Arrow,” which is set to appear on Dripfield. Rick reeled off the repeating opening riff while Anspach dropped some clavinet and would continue some crunchy clav work during the extensive groove before a drone jam was triggered and the quintet left the stage. Goose returned with the drone still playing and Ben clicked his sticks, dropping the band into the Steppenwolf classic “Magic Carpet Ride” for the encore.

Listen to full-show audio below via Chris Davis:

Setlist (via Goose Bandcamp)

Set 1: Flodown {1}, Indian River, Caution {2}, Time to Flee, Borne > Dr. Darkness

Set 2: Tumble, Creatures, Rosewood Heart, Arrow {3}

Encore: Magic Carpet Ride {4}

Coach’s Notes:

  • {1} Flopener
  • {2} Bob Marley
  • {3} Unfinished, the band walked off stage with a drone jam continuing to play until they returned back on stage for encore
  • {4} Steppenwolf
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