Goose Debuts New Song ‘Animal’ In Ohio

Hear the new tune kick off a three-song second set.

By Nate Todd Jun 13, 2022 11:23 am PDT

Goose wrapped up a two-night run at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio on Saturday. Following the debut of songs from Goose-releated bands Vasudo and Great Blue the night previous, the quintet unveiled a brand new song, “Animal,” to kick off a three-song second set.

  • Goose Debuts Great Blue & Vasudo Songs In Ohio

    Goose Debuts Great Blue & Vasudo Songs In Ohio

    Goose played Great Blue’s “Butterflies” and Vasudo’s “Turbulence & The Night Rays” for the first time last night at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio.

To get the show underway, keyboardist/guitarist Peter Anspach led the band through “Elizabeth” before the quintet turned to material from their imminent album Dripfield with a 17-minute “Borne,” which boasted an ominous jam before heading into “Dr. Darkness.” Even without a second jam, “Drive” stretched to 16 minutes ahead of “Silver Rising,” which the band premiered on their 2022 winter tour. Goose then took the driving funky rocker “Arrow” characteristically deep with a 24-minute version to close the first frame.

Anspach washed Legend Valley in synth before guitarist Rick Mitarotonda picked out the opening riff of the new song “Animal.” Rick would lead the band through the song’s early lyrics ahead of dropping an infectious instrumental hook and soloing over some cycling chord changes. Following some more lyrics, the band got into a groove with Peter adding some crunchy synth textures and spacey soloing before Rick took back over and brought things to a boil.

The band then cooled it down a bit as drummer Ben Atkind and percussionist Jeffrey Arevalo locked into a grove and a funky exchange of bass from Trevor Weekz and Anspach on a marimba-like patch on his keyboard ensued. All told the first “Animal” exceeded the 20-minute mark. Goose would close the three-song set with equally adventurous excursions on “Western Sun” and “Dripfield.”

Goose began the encore by giving their first “Golden Glizzy Award,” going to the Legend Valley “MVP” of the “Goose touring community, crew and band included,” Anspach explained. The winner of the first “Golden Glizzy” by vote was Sam King. The band capped off their Legend Valley run with “Rockdale.”

Listen to the debut of “Animal” and more in full-show audio below:

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Setlist (via Jive Goose)

Set One: Elizabeth, Borne > Dr Darkness, Drive, Silver Rising, Arrow

Set Two: Animal, A Western Sun, Dripfield

Encore: Rockdale

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