Goose Debuts New Song ‘Everything Must Go’ In Atlanta

Listen to the first-time performance of the original.

By Andy Kahn Oct 2, 2022 9:45 am PDT

Goose held the first show of a two-night stand at Pullman Yards in Atlanta on Saturday night. The band started the second set by debuting a new original song, “Everything Must Go.”

“Atlas Dogs” got the call to open the first set of the night. The opener gave way to “All I Need,” which was played in its slower arrangement. The band then took up Eddie Grant’s “Electric Avenue.” The setlist continued to fill in with “Bob Don” and “Tumble,” the latter loaded with a lengthy improvisation. A pair of songs that debuted earlier this year, “Silver Rising” and “Animal,” ushered in the set break.

The second set began with guitarist Rick Mitarotonda informing the Atlanta audience that a new song was forthcoming. He then led the rest of the band through the premiere of “Everything Must Go,” which featured multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach on keys and backing vocals. The new song saw Mitarotonda deliver a pungent solo while Trevor Weekz responded with an assertive bass line and drummer Ben Atkind and percussionist Jeff Arevalo propelled the band toward the new song’s climatic conclusion.

After the new tune came the well-worn “Creatures” and a seamless segue into a cover of “Shama Lama Ding Dong,” the song sung by the fictional band Otis Day & The Knights in the comedy film, Animal House. Goose then pulled up the frequently played early-original “Arcadia.”

The second set came to a conclusion with the coupling of two songs that appeared on the band’s 2022 studio album, Dripfield, through the linking of “726” with a 20-minute version of the LP’s title track. Goose went back to the album for the encore that consisted of “Slow Ready.”

Watch pro-shot video of “Atlas Dogs” and “All I Need,” and stream an audience recording of the full show taped by Adam Downs below:

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Setlist (via El Gö

Set One: Atlas Dogs > All I Need[1] > Electric Avenue, Bob Don, Tumble, Silver Rising, Animal

Set Two: Everything Must Go[2], Creatures -> Shama Lama Ding Dong, Arcadia, 726 > Dripfield

Encore: Slow Ready


  • [1] Slow, melodic version.
  • [2] Debut
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