Osiris Media Hatches ‘Goose Chicks Podcast’

Listen to the first episode devoted to the TABoose Tour.

By Scott Bernstein Dec 7, 2022 12:01 pm PST

JamBase partner Osiris Media launched Goose Chicks Podcast. The new Goose-focused podcast dives into the unique experiences of Women and other people in the Goose Community with stories from fans, discussion about consent in the jam band world and the spiritual connections devotees have with the music they love.

Blackberry Jams Podcast producer Leslie Mac co-hosts Goose Chicks Podcast with Alexius Lipot. Hannah Liebreich and Chelsea Long are contributors to a program aimed at Women and Queer folks who are fans of Goose, other jam acts or anyone looking to learn about the community forged at the intersection of concerts and festivals.

Goose Chicks Podcast is a youth-friendly show consisting almost entirely of female voices and experiences. Listeners are urged to call in to tell their tales and familiarity with Goose is not required to enjoy the podcast.

“My love for Goose has only been made stronger by the incredible community being built in realtime around this amazing band,” explained Leslie Mac. “I’m so excited to produce a show focused on the experiences of Women and other marginalized people in the jam band scene and have a whole lot of fun along the way.”

“Leslie and her team know and love Goose and the music community, and I think they’re going to add crucial viewpoints and perspectives to ongoing music analysis in the space,” added Osiris Media CEO RJ Bee. “We’re happy to have Goose Chicks Pod as part of Osiris and look forward to this show reaching more music fans.”

Upcoming episodes will explore theories about why the Connecticut-based quintet resonates with so many Women, the impactful spiritual connections forged through Goose’s music, the beauty of queerness in a fanbase and tips for the best ways to make the most of live music experiences. The first installment focuses on Goose’s recently completed eight-show joint tour with the Trey Anastasio Band.

Stream the TABoose episode of Goose Chicks Podcast below:

Osiris will bring its Undermine podcast to the live stage for the first time this Sunday, December 11. A tribute to Phish Fall ’97 will be hosted by RJ Bee, author Benjy Eisen and Phish lyricist Tom Marshall. The evening will feature a set of music in honor of the historic tour with Cal Kehoe (Pink Talking Fish), Chris Deangelis (The Machine / Kung Fu), Adrian Tramantano (Twiddle / Kung Fu), Jeremy Kaplan (Dogs In A Pile) and Andrew Pfeiffer (FeelFree), plus special guests. The musicians and guests will chat with the hosts about what makes Phish’s Fall ’97 tour still resonate 25 years later. Limited tickets remain via SeeTickets.US. Additionally, a free livestream can be viewed through Volume.com.

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