Goose Delivers Heavy Metal Thunder In Dallas On ‘Born To Be Wild’ Debut

Hear Jeff lead the way through the ‘Easy Rider’ anthem.

By Nate Todd Oct 17, 2022 12:05 pm PDT

Goose brought their 2022 fall tour to the South Side Ballroom in Dallas on Saturday. The Connecticut jam quintet unveiled a cover of the Steppenwolf counterculture classic, “Born To Be Wild,” during the second set.

Goose launched the concert with a substantial third outing for “Everything Must Go,” which they unveiled recently at Pullman Yards in Atlanta. Keyboardist/guitarist Peter Anspach then led the band through “The Whales” before they delivered an “Atlas” duo beginning with a cover of The Wood Brothers’ “Atlas.”

The funk jam saw some crunchy interplay between Anspach on clavinet, guitarist Rick Mitarotonda and bassist Trevor Weekz as drummer Ben Atkind and percussionist Jeff Arevalo laid a foundational groove. Goose then offered their own, “Atlas Dogs.” Up next, “Dr. Darkness” and “Indian River,” with the latter containing atmospheric and shimmering synth from Anspach as well as elements of “Welcome To The Delta,” an original the band has played once before at The Caverns in May 2021 which also emerged form “Indian River.” “Rockdale” wrapped up the first frame.

The second set commenced with a 14-minute “The Empress Of Organos” followed by “Silver Rising” and a sped-up “Echo Of A Rose,” which gave way to Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman.” Goose then got into “Madhuvan.” After leading the band through the tune, Rick cranked things up with some screaming guitar leading into the jam section which flowed into the intro of “Born To Be Wild.”

The Mars Bonfire-penned song appears on Steppenwolf’s 1968 self-titled debut album but perhaps more famously appears on the soundtrack to the iconic 1969 film Easy Rider, making it an anthem for both hippies and bikers alike. Jeff, who celebrated his birthday on Sunday, led Goose through the debut cover in Dallas on Saturday before Rick took over on some rollicking blues riffage for the rocker’s crescendo. The band then tied up loose ends, finishing up both “Echo Of A Rose” and “Madhuvan” to seal the second set. Goose returned for a double dose encore of “Your Ocean” and a raucous “White Lights” to cap the concert.

Watch a clip of “Born To be Wild” and listen to the debut in full via audio captured by taper HealthCov Chris below:

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Setlist (via

Set 1: Everything Must Go, The Whales, Atlas[1], Atlas Dogs, Dr. Darkness, Indian River[2], Rockdale

Set 2: The Empress Of Organos[3], Silver Rising, Echo Of A Rose[4] > Sinnerman[5], Madhuvan -> Born To Be Wild[6] > Echo Of A Rose > Madhuvan[7]

Encore: Your Ocean, White Lights

Coach’s Notes:

  • [1] The Wood Brothers.
  • [2] 80s synth version. With Delta-ish jam.
  • [3] Jurassic Park theme tease from Trevor.
  • [4] Fast version.
  • [5] Nina Simone.
  • [6] Steppenwolf. FTP.
  • [7] When The Saints Go Marching In teases.
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