God Street Wine’s Lo Faber Performs ‘$1.99 Romances’ Solo Livestream Concert

By Scott Bernstein Jan 29, 2021 8:47 am PST

Lo Faber devoted his Thursday night livestream concert to a complete performance of God Street Wine‘s $1.99 Romances album. The GSW co-founder ended the webcast with a Bee Gees cover as the encore.

Faber plays livestream concerts from his home in New Orleans each Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT and Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. CT via his Facebook and YouTube channels. Last night was Lo’s 64th livestream concert.

$1.99 Romances was God Street Wine’s major label debut. The band assembled in Memphis to record the 14-track LP in 1994 with producer Jim Dickinson. Lo Faber presented $1.99 Romances Storytellers style as he told the tales behind each song and the album itself during the two-hour performance.

Faber played the 14 songs in the order they appear on $1.99 Romances. Lo opened on acoustic guitar for the hard-hitting “Princess Henrietta” before going electric for a mashed-up “Mile By Mile” / “Nightingale.” The longtime New York resident utilized a keyboard for “Thirsty,” a tune sung at GSW shows by guitarist Aaron Maxwell. It was back to electric for Faber on “Stone House” ahead of an acoustic gypsy-style “Molly” featuring Lo soloing over loops.

Lo continued the set with a gorgeous version of “The Ballroom” played on piano, an acoustic “Run To You” and stripped-down “Crazy Head.” Faber noted last night was the first time he performed some of the arrangements featured in his livestream. A quick romp through “Hammer And A Spike” followed, which Lo segued into a euphoric “Wendy.” Doctor Lo reached out to the virtual audience for help on the first line of “Imogene,” another tune typically sung by Maxwell. He played a stellar version on keys after googling the lyrics.

The final portion of the set began with an acoustic “Tina’s Town.” Faber shared memories, both good and bad, of working with Jim Dickinson before closing out the $1.99 Romances performance on keys for the dark and brooding “Into The Sea.” Lo explained he picked “How Deep Is Your Love” as the “encore” for the livestream after watching the new Bee Gees documentary How Can You Mend A Broken Heart. “Man, The Bee Gees had a lot of great songs and this one may be the best,” Faber said.

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