Ghost Light Announces 1st Half Of Inaugural Tour

Introducing Ghost Light, a new band featuring five personalities, perspectives and unique approaches towards one common sound. Ghost Light features pianist Holly Bowling and American Babies/JRAD guitarist Tom Hamilton joined by guitarist Raina Mullen (American Babies), bassist Steve Lyons (Nicos Gun) and drummer Scotty Zwang (Dopapod/RAQ). The band has announced the first leg of their inaugural tour, which spans March 20 – April 20.

Ghost Light kicks off their debut run at Winston’s in San Diego on March 20 followed by a performance at The Mint in Los Angeles on March 21 and two nights at Phil Lesh’s Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael on March 23 and 24. From there, the group heads up the coast for performances in Arcata, Eugene, Bend and Oregon. Tommy, Holly & Co. then head to the Northeast for Ghost Light concerts in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Bridgeport, Boston and Washington, D.C. A Southeast run features shows in Raleigh, Roanoke and Asheville. Look for tickets to go on sale for all Ghost Light performances tomorrow (Friday, January 12) at 12 p.m. local.

The five-piece originally assembled for a session at a recording studio in Hamilton, Mullen, Lyons and Zwang’s hometown of Philadelphia. Ghost Light’s aim was to “come to the project with fresh ears and no pre-conceived notions.” The quintet developed songs and a musical communication, which then led to a bond and trust between the players. Zwang explained it thusly in a statement, “It’s a unique and interesting approach we get to take…we are being patient with each other and figuring out what the song needs.”

“Having played with everyone involved in a live setting before, I had a pretty firm grasp of what we all brought to the table and it was exciting”, said Hamilton. “There is a wonderful freedom that comes with knowing that you don’t have to carry the entire load over the finish line. So when Raina and I were workshopping ideas to bring to this new band, we felt super comfortable going in any direction, knowing that with our new bandmates, the songs will get to where they need to go. And in the live setting, that confidence is just as strong.”

Though Ghost Light started out in the studio, they are excited to hit the stage. “In the parts of the sessions where we have had a little more room to just let things go, there have been these little glimmers of what the improvisation will feel like live. That’s a whole other thing and it’s very exciting,” noted Holly Bowling.

Look for more first half ’18 dates to be announced and then Ghost Light will hit the festival circuit. The band’s debut record is due in the second half of 2018 and will be supported by extensive touring efforts.