Garcia Peoples Share ‘Heart & Soul’ Single


Garcia Peoples shared “Heart & Soul,” the latest single from their upcoming new album, One Step Behind. The Beyond Beyond Beyond label will issue the record on October 18.

The band’s third album in 15 months and the follow-up to 2018’s Cosmic Cash and this year’s Natural Facts, One Step Behind contains only two songs: the 32-minute title track and “Heart & Soul.” Here’s how journalist/author Jess Jarrnow described “Heart & Soul”:

It’s not quite the literal flip, since the title piece sprawls over onto the back of the LP, but the second song on the album–only eight minutes—is another new move for Garcia Peoples, too. Written and sung by bassist Derek Spaldo, moving over to piano for the first time, “Heart & Soul” is a more contemplative place for the band. Appearing on record for the first time is Andy Cush, who occupies the bass chair for most of the band’s shows, Spaldo now dwelling outside of regular gig range. Intending to record Spaldo’s gentle song as a short postscript, “Heart & Soul” grew into its own soundspace, as Garcia Peoples’ songs sometimes do. Gubler plays flute, and they go full glow.

Premiered by Relix, check out Garcia Peoples’ latest, “Heart & Soul,” below: