Full Show Friday | Pro-Shot Tenacious D At Rock ‘n’ Heim ’13

By Scott Bernstein Aug 23, 2013 7:30 am PDT

After beginning the year with an acoustic tour that just featured Jack Black and Kyle Gass, Tenacious D re-teamed with their full band this month for a swing through Europe. On Saturday The D performed at the famed Rock ‘n’ Heim festival in Hockenheim, Germany and treated a huge crowd to a set that mixed material from their amazing debut album and last year’s Rize of the Fenix LP.

Tenacious D’s Rock ‘n’ Heim set was broadcast live on German TV and quickly appeared on YouTube. JB is talkative throughout the set, engaging the crowd with a few German phrases that leave KG the butt of his jokes. Yet musically The D has never sounded better. Even old warhorses “The Road” and “Tribute” thrive in the full-band setting.

Watch over 70 minutes of Tenacious D from last weekend’s festival…

Intro -0:50 Rize Of The Fenix -2:15 Low? Hangin’ Fruit -6:49 Señorita -10:37 The Road -14:11 Roadie -18:22 Chop Suey -22:12 Dio -22:51 Throw Down -24:53 Short Film (JB’s BJ) -29:20 Kielbasa -32:19 Kickapoo -35:46 Deth Starr -40:18 The Metal -45:25 Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown) -49:49 Tribute -56:05 Double Team -1:06:06 Fuck Her Gently -1:12:00

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