Freaks Action Network Launches Live Music Challenge 2018


One of the earliest JamBase contributors and current RecommNeds author Aaron “Neddy” Stein explains the concept behind the Live Music Challenge:

If you’re reading this, there’s one thing I know about you: you love live music. I bet it makes you feel pretty good. It’s not just the music itself, but it’s also the community surrounding that music, the people you go to see shows with, positive energy for a common cause. There’s a lot of potential in that feeling, which is the idea behind the Live Music Challenge. Started by a group of dedicated live music goers in the New York City area, part of the new Freaks Action Network, the Live Music Challenge is a way of taking that good feeling you get at a show and sharing it with the world around you.

The way it works is simple: you go to a concert and you donate a little to charity. How much you donate and where you donate is totally up to you. Some people chip in a buck a show, some people get more creative, most add up their shows each month, but however you want to do it is fine, it’s the freedom of live music in charitable giving form. The idea is that if everyone takes some of that good stuff from the show and spreads it somewhere that’s meaningful then, when we add it all up, it can actually amount to something significant and maybe some real good change for the people who might not get to enjoy that positive live music energy all the time.

Last year a small group of freaks donated over $11,000 through the live music challenge! This unexpected success has them wondering what would happen if everyone who loved live music got involved. They’re betting it would be pretty great. A work-in-progress website is now set up where you can sign up for the Live Music Challenge. There’s also a Facebook group to talk about your shows and your giving, and, of course, a Twitter account you should definitely be following. There’s even a first stab at easy gadget to help you keep track of your shows. You are all invited to participate… like the best live music, it just makes you feel good inside.

Watch live music lover Andy Hollander’s January 2018 Live Music Challenge recap, in which he documents the 22 bands he saw and $61 he raised for Cycle For Survival: