[UPDATED] Former Crystal Garden Member Accuses Boyd Tinsley Of Sexual Assault & Harassment



  • May 18, 2018 • 6:00 am PDT

    Dave Matthews Band shared a new statement with several media outlets. It reads: “Though Boyd is no longer a member of the band, we are shocked by these disturbing allegations and we were not previously aware of them.”

  • May 18, 2018 • 2:00 pm PDT

    Boyd Tinsley has issued a statement through his publicist denying Frost-Winn’s claims.

Seattle-based trumpeter James Frost-Winn has accused longtime Dave Matthews Band violinist Boyd Tinsley of sexual misconduct. Frost-Winn, who was a member of the Tinsley-created Crystal Garden outfit, detailed his allegations to Consequence of Sound and filed a $9 million lawsuit against Boyd in Washington state today.

As detailed to Consequence of Sound, the trumpeter met Tinsley in 2007 and forged a friendship with the violinist. Over the years they remained in contact through Frost-Winn’s move from Seattle to San Francisco in 2015. Shortly thereafter, with Boyd’s encouragement and support Frost-Winn became one of the founding members of Crystal Garden. Frost-Winn alleges in his statements to Consequence of Sound various instances of sexual harassment and assault perpetrated by Tinsley while Frost-Winn was a member of Crystal Garden. In 2016, Frost-Winn quit the band.

James Frost-Winn’s legal representation sent a demand letter to Tinsley on February 2 according to CoS’s report. Later that day Boyd announced his intentions to take a break from the Dave Matthews Band. Matthews recently discussed the violinist’s break as part of an interview with Vulture. When asked about whether Tinsley would rejoin the band, Matthews responded “I can’t say, ‘I can’t wait till he comes back,’ because I don’t know what’s going to happen. But right now being away is better for him. Nobody is happy about this situation. Except that we’re happy he can figure some stuff out. I hope he does.”

When reached for comment on the allegations against Tinsley, Dave Matthews Band offered the following statement to Consequence of Sound:

Boyd has been a member of the family since the band began and we want him to focus on his health and get better. We support his decision to do this and we’re sending positive thoughts his way.

The Dave Matthews Band begins an extensive summer tour on Friday in The Woodlands, Texas.