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Fans of psychedelic rock, Grateful Dead, music history and those interested in 1960s counterculture inspired issues would be well served to follow Heads News (@HeadsNews) on Twitter. Run by author/journalist/DJ Jesse Jarnow (@bourgwick), the Heads News account is a regularly updated, self-described source for “News & history for a psychedelic America.” Jarnow is penning another book, currently entitled Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic America and plenty of his research makes it out into the world through the @HeadsNews profile.

An absolutely essential resource for Grateful Dead History -particularly the band’s formative years – memorabilia, artifacts, ephemera, posters, flyers, photos, recordings, videos, news articles and more are regularly pushed on the Heads News feed.

In addition to the Twitter account’s strong focus on the history of the Grateful Dead, it also shares information on other musicians who had an impact on 1960s psychedlic rock. Videos, audio streams, images and other memorabilia from the era is often the substance of a tweet.

Heads News is a premiere source for all things having to do with psychedelic drugs. Whether it’s research on new medical uses for LSD, an experiment with mushrooms or the attempt to legalize certain mind-altering substances, if it has to do with dropping out, Heads News will tweet it.

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