Watch Flea & MonoNeon Jam


On New Year’s Eve, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea responded to a question on Twitter asking “who is your favorite bass player?” by responding “MonoNeon.” The two incredibly talented bassists showed off their skills when they gathered in Los Angeles on Tuesday for a jam session.

New Year’s Eve wasn’t the first time Flea showed love for MonoNeon. Flea previously shared a video of the musician born Dywane Thomas Jr. on Instagram earlier in the year. “My lord this guy is the greatest fucking electric bass player,” Flea wrote in a note accompanying the clip. “MonoNeon fills up my heart.”

MonoNeon unveiled a brief but righteous video from his bass duel with Flea on his social channels. “Yesterday was fun as hell.. jammin’ with Flea,” reads a caption for the clip from MonoNeon’s Instagram. “MonoNeon is the truth,” added Flea. “He inspires me to practice and learn.

Take a look at footage from the session shared by MonoNeon below:

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