‘Eyes Only’ Single Release: Ari Joshua In Collaboration With Robert Glasper

By Team JamBase Mar 19, 2021 1:03 pm PDT

With a new track out on March 17 featuring Grammy-winning Robert Glasper, and Pendulum/Destroid drummer KJ Sawka, guitarist Ari Joshua has something musical to say. They say pressure makes diamonds; for guitarist and composer Ari Joshua the COVID-19 pandemic brought liquid sparkling diamonds with music ripe for the sharing.

The new release “Eyes Only” is just the tip of the iceberg of new releases for guitarist Ari Joshua. “What else?” you ask. Fresh off a two-week recording session in Vermont with Trey Anastasio Band members, Ari is lining up songs to release from his vault that includes original tracks featuring Marco Benevento, Joe Russo, Delvon Lamarr, Skerik, Robert Glasper and more!

Does Ari have your attention yet? Read on.

This winter, in the wake of pixie dust from “The Beacon Jams” shows with Trey Anastasio, Ari Joshua was invited to collaborate with Soule Monde and Trey Anastasio Band members, Russ Lawton and Ray Paczkowski. Overcoming travel restrictions and snowy roads, musical hearts and hands played in a stunning reconstructed wooden barn and recording studio in Burlington, Vermont. The team lovingly transcribed about 40 song ideas that Ari composed into the vibrations of life and sound. The creative chemistry was constant from the first notes to the last overdubs. Ari, Russ and Ray recorded under the care of Ben Collette, Phish’s sound engineer and archivist for 15+ years. The collaboration birthed a batch of over two dozen amazing rough cuts and was all done with safety guidelines followed to the letter, quarantining and masks on.

The next release From the Vault from Ari will be one with Skerik, Delvon LeMarr of the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, and drummer Grant Schroff of the Polyrhythmics. “Say Watcha Wanna Say” is set for April release.

Ari Joshua will exceed your expectations with scores of his original music which expands upon the eclectic genres and complex soundscapes of influencers from as wide a scope as the Milky Way galaxy, and you may find special light in his top influences: Phish and Grateful Dead. Ari’s originals reveal the depth of his creative talent in their orchestral composition and span a variety of uniquely soul-blended genres.

Ari is fueled by his love for playing music, and by collaborating with souls who also find joy and healing in music. Ari is a Cape Town, South African born/American raised guitarist. He attended The New School in New York City. For the past 15 years he has captained his creation, The Music Factory, an online music school with a physical location in Seattle, The Music Factory has employed close to 100 musicians since its inception. Music Factory teachers have taught over 30,000 lessons! The COVID-19 pandemic allowed Ari to shift his focus to his heart’s song, which is to travel and spread expressions of love and joy through psychedelic jazz and rock. He’s most excited to share his work with the beloved passionate listeners of the jam music scene.

Check out the first of many beautiful jazz tracks, “Eyes Only” by psychedelic jazz guitarist Ari Joshua, featuring four-time Grammy-winning keyboardist and New York City’s New School classmate Robert Glasper, and Pendulum’s/Destroid’s drummer with “superhuman dexterity” and friend Kevin “KJ” Sawka.

Please go to www.arijoshua.com and consider subscribing as a member to support the production of these tracks, or visit to buy your copies directly from the artist. Upcoming releases and pipeline tracks will be discoverable along with three jazz tracks already available on his website.

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