Exclusive | First Phase Of Envision Festival 2015 Lineup

By Scott Bernstein Nov 6, 2014 11:30 am PST

The 2015 installment of the Envision Festival will take place in Uvita, Costa Rica from February 26 -March 1. The event has become a favorite destination for international travelers with great music, performance art, workshops, waterfalls, surfing, jungle explorations and more activities presented each year. While The Polish Ambassador has already been announced as one of the acts to play Envision 2015, we’ve been given the honor of rolling out the first phase of the lineup announcement.

Groundation, Phaeleh, Wildlight, Emancipator, Ott, Bluetech, Random Rab, Govinda, Ill-Esha, Dimond-Saints, Stickybirds, AMB, Ayla Nereo and GsaQi are among the acts set to play Envision in 2015. Costa Rican reggae headliner Un Rojo and Guatemala’s Los Miseria Cumbia Band are also on board. An early peek at the yoga and workshop headliners include world-renowned yoga teachers such as Cristi Cristensen, Rachel Brathen, and Kishan Shah, art installations by Chris Dyer, Carey Thompson, and Mugwort Artemisia alongside Permaculture and Education workshops from legendary teachers such as Penny Livingston, Daniel Pinchbeck from Reality Sandwich, Charles Eisenstien, Sarah Wu, plus permaculturist and Envision co-founder, Stephen Brooks.

Last year JamBase contributor Bee Getz shared his take on Envision for us and called the event “nothing short of life affirming.” For much more information on Envision and to book your tickets, head to the festival’s website. Look for additional lineup announcements later this month.

Envision Festival 2015 -First Wave

Music: The Polish Ambassador * Wildlight * Groundation * Phaeleh * Emancipator * Ott * Bluetech * Random Rab and friends * Ayla Nereo * Govinda * Ill-esha * Dimond Saints * Faceblind * Los Miseria Cumbia Band * Un Rojo * saQi * AMB * Stickybuds * Santos y Zurdo * Passiflora * Infibeat * Ivan Cespedes * Lapa * Portilla * Living Light * Mikey Lion * Melissa O * Social Club * Bartosz Brenes * Mario Miranda* Tara Brooks * Matt Haze* PjOE * aTyYa *

Yoga Instruction: Cristi Cristensen * Rachel Brathen * Kishan Shah * Esteban Salazar * Juan Pablo Barahona * Edgar Ortiz * Inez Aires

Art & Installations: Chris Dyer * Carey Thompson * Mugwort Artemisia * Mark Henson * Hoodie & Tigre * Tribe13 * Living Spaces

Permaculture & Education: Penny Livingston * Charles Eisenstien * Sarah Wu * Stephen Brooks * Daniel Pinchbeck * Rosemary Gladstar * Project Nuevo Mundo * Kaypacha

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