Eric Krasno Shares ‘Carry My Name’ Single


Eric Krasno shared the third single, “Carry My Name,” from his upcoming concept album Telescope set for release under the moniker Kraz. Each song tells the story of residents living in a brownstone in Brooklyn. “Carry My Name” traces the narrative of mother and son Angelina and Ramon living in apartment 1C.

“Carry My Name” follows the album’s second single “Vacant,” which looks at the lives of Nick and Charlotte in 2B. The record’s lead single, “Leave A Little,” tells the story of Gina in 3A. The Telescope project as a whole examines the interconnected lives of the people living in the brownstone. Here’s a description of “Carry My Name”:

Carry My Name is a song is about Ramon and his mother Angelina. After years in jail, Ramon returns home as his mother is dying. She had always loved and supported him through thick and thin, and was always proud of him, even when he was in trouble and eventually in jail. She is now leaving the building to him and passing on the family name. The verses are Ramon telling his mother how much he appreciates her and the chorus is her telling him to be strong and carry the name with pride after she is gone.

As with the previous singles, “Carry My Name” also came with an animated video. Check it out below:

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