Dr. Dog And Special Guests Live Streaming Event

Tomorrow, Philadelphia’s Dr. Dog will release their newest studio album, B-Room. To celebrate the release, the band are hosting a live streaming event.

Here’s the intriguing description from a press release we just received:

The grassland rodents are hosting the proceedings from Dr. Dog’s new mini recording studio where they are discussing an array of album related topics including the songwriting process, recording techniques, and the philosophy of creativity.

There is the vague possibility of celebrity guests (an unnamed sock puppet, a disgraced comedian, one of the puppies from “Puppy-Cam) and several lucky Dr. Dog fans have been invited to join in. The new album is being played in its entirety and an assortment of meticulously curated Dr. Dog related film clips are being screened. Expect periodic dancing from both the prairie dogs and accompanying guests.

You can stream the event right here: