Dopapod Performs 57-Minute ‘Trapper Keeper’ In Denver: Pro-Shot Video


Dopapod kicked off their “Dopapod & Friends” VIP show on October 4 at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox in Denver with a 57-minute rendition of “Trapper Keeper.” The band shared pro-shot video of the improv-heavy “Trapper Keeper” from Denver that served as their entire first set.

“The lyrics for ‘Trapper Keeper’ came to me one night at one of those trendy bars in Brooklyn that didn’t have a sign out front,” Dopapod keyboardist Eli Winderman said of the song the band initially debuted in 2012. “Everyone around me looking into their phones and I drunkenly wrote in my phone ‘nobody wants to be where everyone is going, everybody wants to be where everyone is.’ And while typing that with my thumbs I thought about how none of this would really be possible without opposable thumbs.”

Dopapod worked a bit of “Baby Shark” into the first movement of their lengthy “Trapper Keeper” in Denver. The quartet then covered plenty of ground and explored spacey, reggae-tinged, funky, bluesy and rock jam spaces over the remainder of the 57-minute “Trapper Keeper.” Guitarist Rob Compa improvised lyrics during the bluesy segment that referred to having the “jam band blues.” Watch the well-jammed “Trapper Keeper” in video prepped by MKDevo below:

The four-piece’s previous longest jam, as noted in JamBase’s 20 For 20 list on the subject, was a 56+ plus minute version of “Trickery” performed in 2017.

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