The Disco Biscuits Cover Grateful Dead With moe.’s Al Schnier At Saranac Brewery

The guest guitarist joined the band on “Shakedown Street” last night in Utica, New York.

By Andy Kahn Oct 2, 2022 11:10 am PDT

The Disco Biscuits were joined by moe. guitarist Al Schnier last night during their concert at Saranac Brewery in Utica, New York. Schnier, who resides near the venue where Bisco also performed Friday night, accompanied the band on a cover of the Grateful Dead’s “Shakedown Street.”

“We’ve got a guest to bring up here for you, the local boy himself, everybody welcome Al!,” Bisco bassist Marc Brownstein said while introducing Schnier. “Around these parts, he’s a one-name guy: Al. He’s like fucking Madonna.”

Saturday’s “Shakedown Street” was the first Bisco performance of the song since 2015 and only their fourth time playing the funky Dead classic, according to the Biscuits Internet Project. The Al-assisted cover was elongated as the guest guitarist added to the ensuing jam, resulting in a 17-minute collaboration that ended the first set.

Prior to Schnier’s guest spot, the Disco Biscuits launched set one with a 20-minute “Jigsaw Earth” that then segued into “Space Train” before going back into “Jigsaw Earth.” The recently debuted original, “One Chance To Save The World,” made its fourth setlist. The new tune was followed by the longtime staple “Rock Candy,” setting up Schnier’s emergence for the closer.

“Caterpillar” opened Saturday’s second set and the foursome of Brownstein, guitarist Jon Gutwillig, drummer Allen Aucoin and keyboardist Aron Magner would later return to “Caterpillar” at the end of the set. Between “Caterpillar” appearances, Bisco delivered the seventh version of the new original “Freeze,” transitioned into an inverted “Digital Buddha,” dropped the fifth live take on “Times Square” and took “Svenghali” to the 19-minute mark.

Saturday’s show at Saranac Brewery came to an end with an encore made up of “King Of The World.” The band’s Brew-A-Palooza 2022 run continues tomorrow, Monday, October 3 at Stony Creek Brewery in Branford, Connecticut.

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Setlist (via Biscuits Internet Project)

Set One: Jigsaw Earth > Space Train > Jigsaw Earth > Once Chance to Save the World > Rock Candy, Shakedown Street [1]

Set Two: Caterpillar > Freeze > Digital Buddha [2] > TImes Square > Svenghali > Caterpillar

Encore: King of the World


  • [1] with Al Schnier (guitar)
  • [2] inverted
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