Dean Ween Group Celebrates 4th Of July In New Hope


The Dean Ween Group performed before a capacity crowd at the intimate John & Peter’s in New Hope, Pennsylvania on July 4. The band’s second headlining gig of 2019 included a handful of Ween classics mixed in among solo material and featured a pair of guest appearances from vocalist Carol Brooks.

Guitarists Dean Ween and Bill Fowler, bassist Dave Dreiwitz and drummer Sim Cain made up the lineup for The Dean Ween Group’s 4th Of July celebration in the town where Ween was formed. The quartet opened with “The Ritz Carlton” and “Waste Station 9” off 2018’s rock2 and then plucked “Bundle Of Joy” and “Garry” off 2016’s The Deaner Album. Next, Deaner and his mates performed Ween classics “I Wuz Nothin,” “Frank” and “Cold & Wet.” One song later Brooks emerged to lead the band through “Freedom Of ’76” from Ween’s Chocolate & Cheese LP. Carol stuck around to add tambourine and backing vocals on “Fingerbangin’.”

The back half of show featured a pair of covers, as The Dean Ween Group put their own stamp on Jimi Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced?” and “P.E. Squad (The Doo-Doo Chasers)” by Funkadelic. Also included was the band’s first take on Ween’s “I Saw Gener Cryin’ In His Sleep” since March 23, 2018 that followed a brief attempt at the Grateful Dead’s “Cumberland Blues.” The four-piece ended the night with “The Rift” off Ween’s outtake collection Shinola, Vol. 1.

Watch fan-shot videos captured by CapnOfCrunch22 below:

Cumberland Blues > I Saw Gener Cryin’ In His Sleep

Are You Experienced?

Freedom Of ’76

Dickie Betts

Setlist (via BrownBase)

Set: The Ritz Carlton, Waste Station 9, Exercise Man, Bundle of Joy, Garry, I Wuz Nothin, Frank, Cold and Wet, Fingerbangin’, Freedom of ’76, Mercedes Benz, Kill the Guy With the Ball, Are You Experienced?, I’ll Take It (and Break It), Dickie Betts, P.E. Squad (The Doo-Doo Chasers), Cumberland Blues (Partial), I Saw Gener Cryin’ in His Sleep, Sunset Over Belmar, Love Theme From Skinheads Kicking Your Ass, The Rift

Carol Brooks on lead vocals for Freedom Of ’76, on tambourine and backing vocals for Mercedes Benz